Artist’s Books
Afloat & Ashore
HJ Jackson

'Afloat & Ashore' is a 144-page hardback book on the work and life of Norfolk printmaker HJ Jackson.

As well as a 24-page biographical section, illustrated with images from his youth and examples from his early portfolio, the book gathers together the bulk of John's fantastic linocuts of fishing boats, railway buildings, Norfolk landmarks and glimpses of a Norwich long since lost to redevelopment.

Detailed captions explain the stories behind the prints, and John's highly individual printmaking technique is set out - including the fabled tobacco tin used to burnish his prints.

This book is a must for anyone interested in the work of this master craftsman; in fact, it’s a must for anyone who loves art and/or Norfolk!
Iceland: Part I
Trevor Woods

Following an eye-opening trip to south west Iceland in November 2019, Trevor has undertaken a series of paintings inspired by the unique scenery, landscapes, and buildings. He has published his first book which features paintings from this series as well as photographic imagery from the journey.

Containing 54 pages, the books measure 21cm square and each one is signed and marked as a limited edition /100.

Available to purchase online via Trevor’s website
60 at Sixty
Paul Evans

Paul Evans celebrated his 60th birthday with a collection of 60 new paintings. Returning to some favourite locations, Paul depicts the unspoilt landscape, the empty and dramatic coast, the quality of light and the richness of colour. He is drawn to the old churches, cottages and farmhouse, and organic and integral part of the rural landscape featuring naturally in his painting. He aims to portray a place with more than just his eyes – absorbing the sights, sounds and smells while he works, which translate through the finished painting, a complete absorption into the landscape.
Circle of Seasons
Paul Evans

Putting the finishing touches to his exhibition was especially poignant for Paul Evans who, when this book was released in 2011, celebrated some 35 years as a professional artist. Aptly entitled ‘The Circle of Seasons’, this collection of 90 beautifully executed landscapes and coastal works takes us on a very personal journey with Paul, providing a visual narrative of his landmark year. The impetus for his painting is the passage of the seasons, and way in which the accompanying change in weather and atmosphere imposes itself on a cluster of Paul's favourite locations. This amounts to a comprehensive and emotionally moving body of work which celebrates both the longevity of Paul’s career and the spectacular visual diversity of the English seasons in all their glory.

Paul Evans

In 2012 it was 40 years since Paul Evans began his studies at Eastbourne College of Art and Design, and this found him reflecting on these first steps in his life as a painter. As a small boy Paul would walk the South Downs with his father, Bill, listening to birdsong, being encouraged to look at the world with his own eyes, to closely observe nature in all its forms and relish every sight and sound. Paul learnt to portray these myriad senses on paper with such extraordinary accuracy that one can almost taste the scented air and feel the prickle of the teazle heads. He has fond memories of his four years at college and feels he owes a huge debt of gratitude to his tutors who recognised his talent, encouraged him to believe in his passion, strive hard to fulfil his ambitions, and follow his dream of making painting his life’s work.
Paul Evans

Paul Evans’ enduring fascination with the coastline began as soon as he was old enough to venture unaccompanied in pursuit of places to explore. Paul could be found absorbing the atmosphere of the beaches in the vicinity of his family home in Brighton, fishing with friends off the West Pier and Palace Pier. Paul had the ambition to be an artist from a very early age. Initially his intention was to work as a book illustrator and he spent four years studying illustration and Printmaking at Eastbourne College of Art and Design and while there he supplemented his grant by selling some of his original works. On graduating he continued to work on his landscape and sea paintings and an introduction to the Ralph Lewis Gallery in Brighton's Lanes saw his career as a painter take flight. He still has the enthusiasm and passion for his work to this day and his work has a keen and enthusiastic following, meaning that his exhibitions often sell out within hours of opening!
Cornwall : Bait Box Stew
Graham Clarke

More than just an artist’s sketchbook, this is an exuberant and joyful celebration of Cornwall and Cornishness recorded by the eye and hand of a delighted regular visitor and sincere friend.

Watercolours, ‘scribbles’, poems’, recipes, yarns all go into this Bait Box Stew adding up to a rich and very fishy mixture.

It is to pay homage to this most special part of the world, to provide a memorable souvenir and (the artist trusts) to please his numerous Chornish friends and fellow fish gluttons everywhere.

The artist’s work is unique but it is for everyone.
Graham Clarke

This is Graham Clarke’s second book about Norway. The first, ‘Engelskmann I Lofoten’ was declared a “classic”. “I thought you had to be dead to write classics” he commented nervously.

This volume is lively however displaying a very English artist’s preconceptions and misconceptions concerning Norway and Norwegianess. Graham Clarke observes Stavanger and the beautiful county of Rogaland (Norway’s south west corner) with enjoyment, affection and great skill.

A special extra section features a Norwegian interpretation of the text by highly respected poet, songwriter and social historian Gunnar Roalkvam.

Another book for Clarke collectors to savour, for lovers of watercolours, armchair travellers and fellow fish gluttons the world over. This one is for you, here you are in lovely Stavanger with Graham Clarke.
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